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Fdf Raceshop

FDF has partnered with Drift Bums on supplying us with all the parts to make our 350z an amazing drift car. We are running the mega mantis angle kit on the front and the full Fdf grip kit in the rear. We also are using the Fdf handbrake and mount. FDF offers angle kits and parts for a bunch of chassis and has amazing customer service to help you get your car on the track and driving the best it can.

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Drift hq

Drift Hq is a partner we are very excited to have onboard. We will be running a bunch of parts on our 350z from Drift Hq from their pre made hydro lines to seats and harness.  They are your number one shop for everything drifting having over 600,000 parts on there website and amazing staff who are ready to help you get whatever you need for your build from seat brackets all the way to full engine builds drift hq has what you need.

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Stage wheels

Stage Wheels has partnered with us supplying some crazy flow formed wheels for our 350z.  Stage Wheels have been making flow formed wheels since 2019 designed for motorsports be being as light and as strong as possible while looking amazing.  They are always updating wheel designs and finishes so be sure the check them out when thinking of what wheels you’re going to get for your car.
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bc racing

BC Racing has partnered with us to keep the Drift Bums 350z planted on the track. BC Racing is the number coilover in drifting by offering a ton of different style coilovers for all makes and models with fully customizable specs to get your car feeling exactly how you want it to.

Driftbums Sponsor

grip royal

Grip Royal has partnered with us making a custom Drift Bums x Grip Royal steering wheel to make the interior of our 350z stand out that much more also with the added grip from the suede to help keep the car on track. Grip Royal makes all different type of steering wheels and interior accessories to make the inside of your car stand out from the rest with full custom options to get your own one of products.




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